Peeping Home, 2013

Peeping Home

at Land|Slide: Possible Futures – the Markham Museum

How do we belong to places? Weathered boards, the smell of mildew, dappled dust that make carpets of light on the cracking floor. Bits and pieces of other lives – lives other to our own, and other to the people still living them. Scraps left behind, abandoned. How do we read places that don’t belong to us? Holes in the ground, unearthing pottery and pasts. Who writes the stories? When language is insufficient and passing time has created an irreparable breach, we look to the materials for stories told without words.

We arrive as six strangers to Markham, exploring a museum, an abandoned building, and the overgrown spaces in between. We negotiate relationships with every footstep; uncover a tiny building, its original purpose we cannot place. Through processes of collection, examination, and relocation, the site becomes a compass as we grapple with our roles as mediators, storytellers, and outsiders.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the Ontario Arts Council & McMaster University for their assistance in funding this project. Thanks for helping us get groovy!

Photo Credits: Jeannette Hicks


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