Land|Sliding all the way to Hong Kong!

Well, we just received this delightful bit of news that the wildy wicked awesome exhibition Land|Slide: Possible Futures, recently closed at the Markham Museum, has been invited to represent Canada at the 2013-14 Hong Kong-Shenszhen Bi-City Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism!

This will be especially nifty because they’re holding the exhibition in a large glass factory. How cool! “What? how crazy! Do you have teleporters? Will you be beaming the entire set of dynamic and complex installations to HK?” I hear you ask. Not quite. Here is the information we have from Land|Slide curator Janine Marchessault:

“Documentary materials ( an extensive video produced by Liz Doherty and Alec McKay, films, photographs and some artifacts) will be displayed in the large glass factory, an exposition devoted to the theme of ‘documentary’ and ‘invisible borders’ related to projects like ours around the world exploring the changing nature of urban boundaries.”

The exhibition will take place from December 6, 2013 to March 2014.
(and there will be a beauterific full colour catalogue! Yippee!!)

You can check out stunning photos from Land|Slide here from William & Alexandra Photography (like this one, of our piece Peeping Home below).

Stay tuned for more updates from the Groove-cave…

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