• Break Time is Over

    We are getting back at er. Proposin Proposin Proposin. After a full year off to recuperate, T&G are back in the saddle and gearing up and mixing metaphors cause break time is over. Back to work!

Cozy by proxy! Take A Load Off, 2013

From your computer chair to our hybrid chair…thanks to the stunning photography of Jackman Chiu and the totally wonderific video from Eamon MacMahon. Thank you, strangers, for helping bring our wonderland of cozy strangeness to everyone who was unable to attend…and allowing those who never wanted to get out of their weird chairs to return … Continue reading

IN PLAY! T&G in My Mother’s Basement

The friendly folks over at My Mother’s Basement online art gallery have invited us to have a show! Now we can happily say we have exhibited in both an actual¬†and a¬†virtual basement! Check it out for images from our inception in 2009 to present day, and most excitingly for a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW VIDEO! (and … Continue reading

Land|Sliding all the way to Hong Kong!

Well, we just received this delightful bit of news that the wildy wicked awesome exhibition Land|Slide: Possible Futures, recently closed at the Markham Museum, has been invited to represent Canada at the 2013-14 Hong Kong-Shenszhen Bi-City Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism! This will be especially nifty because they’re holding the exhibition in a large glass … Continue reading

Unexpected delights…

The time is almost upon us… Nuit Blanche, 2013! Come visit your loving friends T&G in Ditty Lane, between Queen E and Richmond, just off Church. You’ll be delighted by what you’ll find…

futures and possibilities

Hidy ho friends! T&G have been so, so hard at work these past couple months – and it doesn’t stop yet! With two extremely exciting events coming up, we’re labouring in love (and accruing a few bruises along the way…) We’ve been sawing and glueing, sewing and filming, moving buildings on our backs and digging … Continue reading

dismantling and making connections

Taking some things apart… And putting some things together… So many mysteries!!!

studio? more like groove-io!

Well, it’s official. T&G finally have our very first collective studio space! We have a few shows coming up later this year (yet to be revealed) and we sure do need space to work on everything. Finally we’ve moved in, cut our keys, and begun our very favourite task: making stuff! Keep poppin’ back to … Continue reading